Tour Stop Eight: 388 Augusta Avenue

Jason, Ashley, Lukas, and Kasper Weibel 

This Victorian bungalow built in 1906 has transitioned back and forth between a single- and multi-family home.

The Weibel family embraced the current multi-family layout and moved in as-is. In fact, they’ve made only a few updates, and some of their favorite things about the home are due to the house being split up. They love having two kitchens, for instance, and having the option to rent out half the home. 

Tourgoers immediately should notice the beautiful stained glass in the front windows; the one on the front door has the home’s original house number.

Other original features are the fireplaces, door and window molding, picture hanging molding, and (likely) the floors.

The family added the textured wallpaper in the second living space but kept most of the previous owners’ renovations.

They really appreciate the unusually large room upstairs, perfect for their two children to share. “We especially love the way the bathrooms were updated, says Ashley. “They have modern features but are still stylistically appropriate.”

Most of the art hanging in the home is by Steffen Thomas, Jason’s great-grandfather and former Atlanta resident.

For the holidays, the family displays the Santa collection of Ashley’s mother. 

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