Are You Ready for Halloween in Grant Park?

Trick-or-Treaters with Plastic Orange Pumpkin Buckets

Whenever I meet a new neighbor, I warn them about Halloween—not because of an impending zombie apocalypse, although mark my word, it’s going to happen someday—but so they can be ready. Having moved into town from the suburbs, I wasn’t used to many trick-or-treaters coming around. A small bag of candy would suffice for the…

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Tis the Season to Sing … Pumpkin Carols?

Panel from Peanuts Comic Strip Where Linus Asks Lucy to Go Out and Sing Pumpkin Carols

My mom served as the Troop Leader for my sister’s Girl Scout Troop, and being too small to be left alone for fear I’d try to make Jiffy Pop without adult supervision, she dragged me along to the weekly meetings.  Let me tell you, as a five-year-old boy, watching paint dry is instantaneous compared to…

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