Tour Stop 7

Tour Stop 7
485 Cherokee Avenue, SE
Jeff, Michele, Logan & Stella Swing

Built: circa 1920
Style: Craftsman Bungalow
Don’t miss: The antique porcelain Santa made by Jeff’s grandma

Built around the second decade of the 20th century, 485 Cherokee was a boarding house in the 1950s-60s and then was abandoned for a few years. In 1968 the house was bought, made livable, and then went through a couple more owners before Jeff and Michele bought it seven years ago after moving to Atlanta from Minneapolis.Even though this Craftsman bungalow with original heart pine floors, 11-foot ceilings, five fireplaces and the 1960s-era kitchen was perfectly livable when they found it, the new family had big plans for making it twice the home than it already was. In 2010, they added a back addition with a basement space to transform it from a two-bedroom, one-bath home into a five-bedroom, three-bath family home, which included adding a main-floor master suite, the back den and a laundry room, as well as a basement with kids’ bedrooms, a play area and a full bathroom.Then, in 2016, they undertook a complete historic renovation of the original portion of the home. The grand central hallway was reconstituted by removing the door that had been added when the property was a boarding house. At the same time, the old kitchen was also overhauled, adding a unique two-tap beer pouring station (and yes, they will provide samples during the tour!), and a bathroom renovation was completed.

During the tour, be on the lookout for the porcelain Santa that Jeff’s grandma made when she had a doll shop where she made and sold porcelain dolls.